Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Third Trimester!!!!!!!!

As of Monday, July 21st, we are officially in our third trimester! Hopefully only 13 more weeks to go! (Check our week by week development page, week 27.) And mom is no longer praying to have the baby early because we found out that Ella's primary program at church is on October 19th (baby is due 20th)! Especially since it is her first, Mom and Dad really don't want to miss it, so they're just hoping to go into labor right after it's over!
Well, we've had a crazy and very difficult past month because as soon as we got back from California, Daddy was "asked" (more like forced) to work the night shift for a few weeks. Aft first we were told it was going to be from 6pm to 3am, but it ended up being 4pm-4am (sometimes 4:30, 5, or even 5:30). It was miserable for all three of us! But Mommy and Ella tried to make the best of the situation and found some things to do so that the house would be quiet for Daddy to sleep. We've spent a lot of time wandering around stores, playing at the park, playing with friends, and we even went to two different museums. The best one was the museum at Thanksgiving Point, and we took along some friends. We had Ella and Mommy, Eric and his mommy (Trishia) and Ava and her mommy (Marci). With 6 of us in the car, it was very full! We even got to use our third seat in the Highlander for the first time! The kids loved the different exhibits, mainly all of the dinosaurs, and they loved digging in the dirt, pretending to be paleontologists (and yes, Ella can not only say that word, but if you ask her what it is, she will tell you the correct answer: someone who digs for dinosaur bones!). Ella wasn't too crazy about the shark but I convinced her to stand in front of it for a picture. We were only there for about two hours, but by the time we got in car to go home, the kids were wiped out! All three of them got some much-needed sleep on the way home. We had a great day and are looking forward to doing it again in a few months. Ella and Mommy also went down to Elk Ridge to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Wyckhuyse for a few days, which was fun and a good change of sceen for us! As for Daddy's schedule, we are all very happy to say that it's normal again! His sleep patterns are still a little off but hopefully we can get back to normal sometime this week! We've added a new section to our blog called "Book of the Month." Check it out!