Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sick, sick, and sick!

Well, we've had a rough two weeks! Just after Valentine's day, Chad came down with a nasty cough and cold, and then just a few days later, Ella caught it from him! They were both pretty miserable
although Ella did enjoy her fair share of popsicles, ice cream, and shakes!
I was pretty busy too, and when I wasn't tending to the sick ones, I could never decide if I should attack the mountains of laundry, dishes, or homework!
But we got through it! Chad and Ella are both coughing just a bit still, but hopefully they are on the mend! Ella has pretty much turned back into her normal adorable (and of course crazy!) self! She still loves to dress up and one of her latest hobbies is talking on one of her many phones to her "boyfriend" Samuel! (Oh dear!) She's also as
silly as ever and came to me the other day with a stretchy headband over her eyes, holding her stick-dinosaur like a baseball bat and says to me, "I'm ready to play pinata!" I just had this vision of our house in shambles and trying to explain to Chad when he got home from work what exactly happened....."well, you see, Ella wanted to play pinata and....." anyway! Luckily I stopped her in enough time! She's a cutie, always bringing a smile to our day!