Monday, December 8, 2008


Sorry that it has been so long since I've updated the blog, but what can I say? Between the kids, school, attempting to keep my house in order, trying to spend a few minutes with my husband, and a new church calling, life is crazy around here! We had a great Thanksgiving and we hope everyone else did too. We went down to my parents house to spend some time with everyone. Ella had a blast playing with Alexis, Spencer, Aunt Brittany, and "Aunt Melissa" (she's an honorary family memeber!). Brock of course got all kinds of attention and didn't spend more than five minutes at a time in his bouncy seat! He loved it! And he certainly did enjoy his "bonding time" with daddy and grandpa! What a group of good looking guys! We were so excited to hear that Shelene and Eric are going to have a baby. Alexis and Spencer will be great helpers! The one bad side of Thanksgiving though, was that we discovered that Ella, like Chad is allergic to cats. Each time she would go downstairs to see Aunt Monica's cat, she would come back up with red, itchy eyes! Oh well, not much we can do...I finally took Brock to get some pictures done of him. They are in, I just need to go pick them up, and then most of you should be getting one in the mail pretty soon. We're not going to do Christmas photos this year like we did last year...I want to wait a few more weeks to try and get rid of a few more pounds before we take professional pictures again! But we will do those soon! As for Brock's pictures, if you want to view them or order any, go to, enter my name and access code: LTTT0883106342TAR. I have to forewarn you though, the ones with me in them are horrible, I was not planning to have my picture taken and so my hair was in a pony tail, and I was wearing no make up. Not to mention that towards the end of the photo session, Brock was crying and wanting to eat, but the photographer insisted on trying to get this picture, making me just a little cranky. Then they kept trying to sell me this horrific photo with me in it and the girl couldn't understand why I didn't want it. Finally I was sick of her pushing it on me, so I said, "Yeah, don't even pull that one up again, because it's awful and I would never even consider buying it." She didn't bring it up again. Ella is doing great, cracking us up all of the time. I was told by one of the primary leaders about one of her funny little answers last week. They were going to talk about the three members of the Godhead but they were giving the kids hints so thy could guess. The teacher said, "The three..." and Ella shouts out, "Billy Goats Gruff!" She is a great big sister, always wanting to help out. Sunday, she was on the floor with him playing baby, and today, I came out of the bathroom to see that she had built a "tent" for him. Be sure to check out our new book of the month; it's a great one! Take care and Merry Christmas to all!