Friday, August 21, 2009

Wedding Bells

We finally got Cheriss and Chris married this past weekend! The wedding was greatly anticipated, especially by Ella, who couldn't wait to get dressed up in her fancy dress (made by Grandma Wyckhuyse) and see Daddy wear a pink tie! All of the brother in-laws were good sports, but Ella thought that seeing the boys wear pink was hilarious. The wedding took place in the morning at the Draper, Utah temple, and we all made it and on time too! The kids stayed home with a baby sitter and had a blast with her. Chad and I of course went down for the wedding and I can't remember seeing my sister so happy as when she walked into the beautiful sealing room with her soon-to-be husband. Now, one would think that an August 15th wedding (also my dad's birthday) would be more than warm, but if you look at the picture, you'll see that was not the case! It was freezing cold and pouring rain at several different times, but they were still able to get some good pictures. Afterwards, we got some lunch, ran home to get the kids, and went back down to Orem for the reception. The decorations were beautiful and the kids all looked great! The girls (Alexis, Ella, Lilly, and Gracie) all had matching dresses, and the boys (Spencer and Brock) looked great in their suit/tux. The kids had a great time eating chocolate covered strawberries, cake, drinking punch, and of course, dancing the night away! Ella's dancing especially, was entertainment for everyone! No one in our family was lucky enough to snag the bouquet (better luck next time!) and Brock and Spencer were both hoping for the garter, but that too was caught by someone else. Brock was disappointed, but he figures he has plenty of time still. Spencer (he will be 5 next month) on the other hand, was so disappointed, he cried! Anyway, we sent the newlyweds off on their honeymoon with all of our love and support for a strong, Christ-centered marriage. Now, we are now focused on trying to get our house packed up to move! We are so excited to have a good job after such a long time that we are not at all nervous about moving to a brand-new area. Some of Chad's colleagues were surprised at my willingness to move to a VERY small town that I have never even been to before. He just told them that I'm a very obedient wife....yeah right! We all got a good laugh over that one. We sure are going to miss everyone here in Bountiful, and we know that all sides of the family were hoping we would get closer to them, but we are looking forward to the excitement that a booming metropolis like Vernal will bring! Ha! Ella is doing well, excitedly looking forward to starting kindergarten on Sept. 2nd. Of course, she is a great help to me as always, and always has some fun "Ella-isms" to share! And if you haven't heard, she has some interesting ideas of what to name her baby sister. Brock is moving around the house like a little rocket, and constantly pulling himself up to furniture around the house. His newest trick is letting out a big roar when you ask him what a dinosaur says! Our baby girl is doing well too, just nameless for the time being. Hopefully we can take care of that over the next few weeks. We are open to any realistic suggestions (or fake ones for a good laugh I guess) but can't say that we'll be disclosing the decision until her birthday! Chad is definitely working hard at the new job and working a lot. Hopefully when we get moved out to Vernal, he will be able to find some time for us too! As for me, I am excited for the move and am disappointed that I have to take a break from school, but am now looking forward to having more time for my kids. So one final question about the last picture there...the two guys on the outside look a little goofy to me, but I think I've seen the hottie in the middle before, anyone know where I can find him?