Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brock 'n Roll Mania!

What a banner partial-week this has been. I'd just like to share the events and hopefully they will give you your good laugh for the day.
Sunday: We pull into the parking lot at church, Chad parks the car, a few comments are made about having to walk across the parking lot, and then we hear a sigh from the back seat and a complaint: "Oh great. This is going to be a pain in the a$$." Both my and Chad's eyes bugged out of our heads as we quickly demanded to know where the new vocabulary word had been learned. The culprit? George of the Jungle. A legnthy discussion followed on how we don't need to use that word, and gave her some acceptable substitutions. And then, if we continue to use such words, all movies will be taken away for an extended period of time. She said she was sorry and wouldn't do it again. We felt she was being genuine, so we were glad.
Monday: Doctor visits for Miri and Brock, who's coughs will just not let up! Brock diagnosed with RSV (again) and Miri is given an RSV test that comes back negative. While at the doctor Brock is climbing all over the exam room, standing up on a chair and nearly falls off. Thanks to mom reflexes, a potential disaster is averted. I have to add how sensitive and kind Ella is about her brother's and sister's feelings. She rememberd getting an RSV test a little over a year ago herself and when the nurse comes in to do Miri's she cowered in the corner, knowing how difficult this is going to be for Miri. I love how she loves them!
Tuesday: While doing my hair, the phone rings. I answer, forgeting to close my bathroom and bedroom door, providing a perfect window of opportunity for mischief making. I hang up only to find that the house is quiet. Too quiet. I find Brock sitting on my bathroom floor...holding a bottle of body wash...opened...all over his fingers...smeared around his mouth. I didn't think he had eaten much because the look on his face did not exactly say, "yummy!" Just to be sure, I call poison control. Brock is is normal self the rest of the day.
Wednesday: Brock discovers Ella's spray watter bottle. While I cook, Brock (in a matter of minutes) manages to drench his face and jammies, and I notice the hallway carpet feels damp. He thinks its halarious and is proud of his new skill.
Thursday: Outside, Brock discovers a pot still containing soil. He begins to play in it and I think, "What harm can this do? Boys get dirty." I take Miri inside, put her down, and come back outside to get Brock. I lean down to pick him up only to find that he has potting soil in his hair, on his hands, down the front of him, and caked around his mouth. As we are washing, he throws up. Once again, I am on the phone with poison control. While on the phone with them I look over at Brock and see that he is standing in a puddle of pink strawberry smoothie, leftover from our afternoon snack. He then decides to take off and tracks smoothie and soil all through the kitchen. As I'm cleaning that mess up, I remeber that I didn't put the baby gate up. And sure enough, Brock is in the kitchen, making an attempt to climb the stepladder which was leaning up against the wall. And it's only Thursday! Two more days to go still! But before you decide to call child services, I'd like to defend myself: I'm usually more put together than this! (Sorry, that's the best I could do right now!) I don't know what else to say. I suppose my husband said it best when he said that the kids have really let me have it this week.
But just when I'm not sure what to do with them anymore, they flash me a smile and my heart melts! I sure do love those silly kids! Miri is great, as always. (I'm sure her trouble-making days will arrive soon!) She is starting to smile at us and has become a bit more social. It is fun!
Wish me luck in surviving the rest of my week (Chad will be home, so I'll have re-enforcements) and hopefully next week will be better!