Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Spring Vacation

Hi everyone! I hope this blog post finds you all happy, healthy and ready for summer! We sure are! Lucky for us, we have settled back down a little bit into our normal routine. April sure was a busy month for us! I participated in my first triathalon last month and had an awesome support team to cheer me on along the way. Just a few days after that, we were finally able to make our way up to Washington to visit with our Jordan/Elmore family and had a blast! The traveling part was really not so great, with a 3 hour drive from Vernal to Salt Lake, a layover in Portland and then finally arriving in Spokane. The kids did really well considering all of that, but boy they sure were happy to get off of that last flight! And of course, what would a family vacation be without jam-packing it with every possible outing? We had it all! We went to Jump and Bounce, Chuck-E-Cheese (in the same day of course!), went 4-wheeling, had a bonfire, and Easter Egg hunt, an Easter pinata, went shopping, Ella lost a tooth, Brock decided to throw in a trip to the ER for good measure (he's fine, it was nothing...literally!), and we even got snowed in on our last day there! We did miss a few people, due to the whole ER trip and then being snowed in, but we had a great time with those that we did get to see. We're definitely going to try and come around the same time next year!

Then of course, our last night there, Brock and Miri decided that Chad and I would not be needing any sleep and wanted to party all hours of the night! We of course had two more flights and a three hour drive in order to get home. We were wiped out! Chad went back to work right away and we hadn't even been home for a full 48 hours when I loaded the kids back up in the car and we drove 2 1/2 hours out to my sister's house so that we could get up the next day and run a 5K. That was a lot of fun as well and the kids did great! We came home later that afternoon and I think it goes without saying that we became serious homebodies for about a week after that.

Future plans for us are exciting as always! Ella has 2 more weeks of school before summer vacation. She and her brother and sister will spend a few days with their cousins and grandparents while I do band camp with my high school students the first week in June. Then we will be busy with marching band/color guard practices throughout all of June. I also hope to squeeze in another triathalon (not an indoor swim this time folks...brrrrr!) and start some potty-training with the Brock-man. (Ahhhh!) Ella will be doing some swim classes soon and was working hard last weekend with Chad to get her bike fixed up. She wants to run a kids triathalon in June that is a 50M swim, 3 mile bike ride and 1/3 mile run. What a trooper! Miri is always chasing after her brother and sister, never wanting to be left out of the fun! And Chad is working hard as alwas! He puts in so many hours without a complaint and no one deserved that vacation time more than he did! I'm hoping that I can kidnap him for a few days over the summer and get away, just the two of us! Take care, love you all!


Brock in the ER...he just looks like he's on his deathbed, doesn't he?

We were snowed in for a few hours, but Cobe and Ella didn't seem to mind!

Some of our Brock family.