Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ella the Honeybee

Just a quick update to start off with: my sister's twins are doing great and are home now! They got to go home last night and so far are doing very well. Of course, the night was a little bit longer than usual for Shelene and Eric, but I think they'll get through it. So this means that we can finally get pictures of Ella and Brock with the twins (all they were able to do at the hospital was look through the window) and we will be sure to get down to see them as soon as Chad and I work through our colds. If you are interrested in seeing some more recent pictures of the girls and their family, just check out the link to the right (Westover). They're adorable!
Well, we had a fun but busy day yesterday! Ella had field day in the morning at preschool and even got to take a sack lunch. She felt so very grown up and I was so proud to hear that she shared some of her crackers and one of her cookies with a friend who had no lunch. That afternoon while Brock was napping, I made her lay down with me and take a nap as well. Of course she protested over and over again, reminding me, "I'm NOT a baby!" but I still made her. She had her ballet recital later that night, and I knew if we wanted to be able to get through it with a smile, she would need a little extra rest. Her recital went great! Grandma Wyckhuyse was able to come up for it and we were so impressed with her precision! She is the absolute best at finding her correct spot once they get out on the stage. It was a lot of fun and she was excited. You know, we really appreciate the ballet school for allowing her to continue to come right now. We were going to have her quit to save some money but they told us that she was welcome to come anyway and she sure does enjoy it! She even gets to add a jazz class this summer, which we know she will LOVE! The picture with the older ballerina is the student teacher that has helped out in Ella's class all year long. Ella loves her! And sorry the picture of our family is a little cropped! There was so much going on that Brock was easily distracted and mom had to snap the picture quickly when he was looking!
As for everything else, we are doing pretty well. Chad enjoys getting to the gym as often as he can and spending extra time with the kids. And of course, we love it too. He sure did put up with a lot a few weeks ago when I was dealing with finals! Let's just say I was a little on the cranky side! But he's such a good sport and a great husband, he never once complained about it! He's the best! I am picking up running again and have decided to shoot for a half-marathon in October and a marathon in November. Any takers? It sounds so far like my mom is going to join me in the half but we would love some more company! If I can do it, anyone can! Ella is looking forward to "graduation" this week and then she cannot wait to start kindergarten in the fall! We already had kindergarten round-up where we met her teacher and she did great! When they announced that they were going to take the kids to go see the kindergarten classroom, Ella was the first one to jump up and follow. She is so ready! And of course, Brock is learning and growing everyday! He is rolling over a lot more and I'm nervous for the arrival of mobility! AHHHHHH! He loves to give kisses now (they are very slobbery) and occasionally he will even give them without being asked to. It's cute! Be sure to vote on the poll! It's another fun one!