Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Break

We certainly enjoy our Christmas break, but boy did it fly by! Once I finished up with my finals, I ran around like crazy trying to get Christmas together and we just barely made it! Of course, I was up till 3am, wrapping presents, and we didn't begin unwrapping presents till 2pm, but who's keeping track right? I tend to think that it won't be as stressful next year, but we'll just have to wait and see! One of the highlights for Ella this Christmas was the magnifying glass that Santa brought to her. It was one of the first gifts that she opened and she had to use it to inspect each and every angle of just about every present after that! At some points we were wondering if we were going to be stuck there till next Christmas! She uses her magnifying glass now to be a scientist, a palentologist digging up dinosaur bones, or play detective. It's fun to watch. Just a few days after Christmas, we were lucky enough to have all of my family together and some friends for Brock's Baby Blessing. For those of you who may not know, this is just as important to us as an infant baptism is in other faiths. It's very special because Chad gave Brock his blessing, just as he did Ella after she was born, and my dad, Javier, Ian, Eric, (all brother-in-laws) Adam (a close friend), and our Bishop were all able to particiapte. It was very nice, and of course afterward we had some delicious food to eat! A big thank you to Shelene, Kristen, Mom (Wyckhuyse), and Monica for helping out with all of the food! We were so glad to be able to have so many people come like the Bakers from northern Utah, my cousin Ashley from California, and the Farfans all of the way from Oaklahoma! Of course, those of you who were not able to attend, you were sorely missed, especially Mom and Dad Brock, who even bought tickets to come, but that darn snow would just not allow it! After the blessing, we had a full week to be able to spend some time with the Farfans, so Ella, Brock and I made several trips down to my mom and dad's. One night Ella even got to stay the night with Aunt Brittany, Aunt Melissa, and her cousins for a New Year's Eve slumber party. They played games, ate junk food, stayed up past midnight, and the best part was, Chad and I had a quiet night at home! Of course, we had Brock with us, since he hasn't yet reached the appropriate age requirement for cousin sleepovers, but maybe next year! And one of the kids' favorite things over at Grandma and Grandpa Wyckhuyse's house these days is Grandpas TWO drumsets! That's right! Not one, but two! So the kids had a giant "jam session" and Brock even got in on the action! He had his first drum lesson from Grandpa! And in other news for the Jordan family, Chad still is working like crazy and trying to get to the gym when he can so he can be the next Arnold! Most nights when he comes home, I put him to work right away either making dinner, doing dishes or doing laundry! He's awesome and never complains! I don't know what I'd do without him! I start school again on Monday, so between that, the kids, and doing the music in primary (the childrens group) at church, I usually am running around pretty crazy! Ella is doing well in school and the best big sister ever! We've been trying to plan a few extra special things every now and then to thank her for helping and to encourage it along! Brock had his two month old check up the other day and he is right where he should be for his weight, and he's pretty tall! The doctor was also pretty impressed with his leg stregnth, but said we need to work on his shoulders. I think that if we put him on his tummy a bit more, that should do the trick, but Chad figures that a few trips to the gym and he will catch up in no time! Of course, his appointment meant shots, Brock cried of course, and as I was trying to comfort him, I look over at Ella, only to see that she's crying too! And the fact that she was so concerned for her brother made me get teary-eyed! Ella needed a lolipop to help her feel better and kept telling me that she was sorry for crying, but I thought it was very sweet! Just more proof of how much she adores her baby brother! Well, right about now is when I would say to check out the new book of the month, but I'm not going to do that anymore. Instead, yhe book club I participate in keeps a blog and I added the link on my list up on the right. We did add something new though, and we're going to call it "Ella's Poll". For this month, it's a list of some of Ella's favorite treats and she wants to know what everyone else thinks. Vote as much as you want! Also, I had so many pictures from the past few weeks that I posted some more down below! Check them out! We hope that each of you enjoyed your Christmas!

Christmas Pictures