Monday, October 3, 2011

School Begins!

I guess we've been back into the whole school scene for over a month now, but I'll post pictures anyway! Ella was excited to go back for about a day and then she was over it! She just hates having to get up early in the morning and has told me many times that she would much rather sleep in and be late to school. :) As you can see, her school is still under construction, but it is getting better! Brock and Miri were not too excited to see her go and I think they are happiest every day when they see her bus and hear her walk in the door.
Ella got to participate in a cheerleading clinic the first week of school and she had an absolute blast with that. I'd annoucne that she decided she loves to perform, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that!
Over the past few weeks we've done a handful of football games and marching band shows and the kids love coming to these. Miri was thoroughly entertained as one of the band kids let her "help" play the bells! And Brock will dance around to the band's music and let out a spirited, "GO UTES!" every now and then.
Chad and I are doing well. Thanks to my parents, we were able to escape to Salt Lake for a night and although the trip was much too short, it was nice to get away together! We are all looking forward to Brock's birthday coming up this month as well a much anticipated Halloween! Ella is going to be a mermaid, Brock is going to be his new favorite superhero, Buzz Lightyear and Miri is going to be the cutest little sailorette that ever lived! I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as possible!