Friday, March 6, 2009

A New Adventure Every Day!

With two these two kids, life is never dull! Chad and I know we have th best and cutest kids around and we could not imagine life without them! Ella is the greatest big sister, always wanting to help give Brock a bottle, read to him, hold him, and play with him. She also likes to play baby every now and then, which usually involves climbing in Brock's car seat and crying. Ella loves going to school, making art projects and she has recently discovered photography. She likes to take pictures of her stuffed animals, me, Chad, Brock, and yes, herself! Nice self-portrait, huh? We think it's a winner! She recently discovered a new talent: playing the trumpet! While at my mom and dad's Aunt Brittany got out her trumpet and had taught Ella how to make some noise on it. She was doing pretty well! Aunt Brittany even gave her an extra mouthpiece to practice on at home. She loves it and we are looking forward to the day when she can start some lessons! Ella looks forward to American Idol each week and is not at all shy about expressing her thoughts on the singers. It is never a dull moment with her and we love it! Brock is also doing well, growing bigger every day and thickening up a bit now that he's getting enough to eat. Funny how that works! He had his first "haircut" a few weeks ago, which was actually more of a trim. He had a bit of mullet action going on so we took care of it. I did the holding, Chad did the trimming, and Ella did the photography! Not bad huh? Brock is also starting to enjoy his bath time a little bit more, especially since his Aunt Monica and Uncle Ian bought him his duck tub! He loves it and gets rather impatient if he sees it getting set up for a bath and I take too long to get him in. Brock also goes with me to babysit once a week while Ella is in school. The twins we babysit, Tessie and Tamry, just adore him! When we arrived just last Thursday, they saw us pull up, came running to the door, and started jumping up and down shouting, "Lel-la! Bock! Lel-la! Bock! Lel-la! Bock!" They just love to get crazy with Ella and help take care of Brock. We sure do have fun with them! We are certainly looking forward to a lot of upcoming visitors over the next few months like my Uncle and his family, Chad's brother and his family, Grandma and Grandpa Stites, and of course, the big arrival of the Westover twins! I'll be sure to post more then! In the mean time, we hope everyone is doing well. Be sure to check out Ella's poll and vote!