Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well, here we are again! I think since the last time I blogged we have had Christmas, New Year's, two birthdays, a handful of soccer games, several swim classes, lots of colds, the flu (twice!), moved Brock to a "big boy" bed, Miri started walking and Ella (with some major help from Chad) sold over 200 boxes of girl scout cookies!

I'm happy to report that everyone is doing well and thankfully we are all much healthier than we were this time last month. Ella is keeping busy with school where we were delighted to hear that she is doing amazingly well. She scored above her grade level in several areas during their testing last month. She also goes to girl scouts once a week and sold 232 boxes of girl scout cookies! Now, more than half of those orders came from Chad's work, but 75 of them were phone calls she made or doors that she knocked on. She worked really hard and is really excited about it. I'm sure we will be slightly less thrilled about a week from now when those cookies invade our house and we begin the process of delivering and collecting money! (Do Chad and I get prizes for all of our hard work?) Ella is also playing indoor soccer right now and having a lot of fun with that. The hardest thing for the kids to remember is not to steal the ball from their own teammate!

Brock has officially moved to a "big boy" bed, which he has learned to love. He definitely loves the part where he can get out of bed on his own and has even begun to be sucessful at opening his own door (yeah, I've totally tried to child-proof knobs...he just pulls them off). He and I go to a mommy and me swim class twice a week and he loves it. Last class unfortunately, we had to leave because I forgot to pack my suit in our bag (strange, they have this rule that says you HAVE to wear one in the pool) and he threw an absolute fit! He was so angry he did not get to swim. The food issues continue pretty normally but every couple of weeks he decides to randomly try something new...which is usually followed by a funny face and a dramatic show of fake gagging. Whatever, we will take what we can get I guess!

If you haven't heard, Miri (or Meer-cat as well all call her) started walking! She took her first steps officially on her birthday and is attempting to pick up the pace so she can run everywhere. I guess walking just takes too long when you have bookshelves to clear, cabinents to re-organize, laundry to unfold, and carpets to color on! She loves to explore the halls during church (whoever heard of class anyway?) and follow her brother and sister around wherever they go. She might be full of trouble, but I don't know what I would do without that adorable little smile and musical laugh of hers!

Our plans for the next few months are hopefully going to be exciting! We should be getting to WA pretty soon and then we'll be taking a trip with our Brock side of the family to Van Couver this summer. We look forward to both!

All right, hair or no hair, is she not just the prettiest baby girl in the world?

My little angels decided to raid the m&m jar when I wasn't looking!